What Affects The Quality Of Guitar Sound?

You know that when we play guitar, we can feel different sounds. When we become professional, we can realize the difference between standard sounds and the low quality sound. We will also know what have strong impacts on the guitar sound quality.
By figuring out what affects the sound of the guitar, we will know how to adjust the sound and how to avoid negative changes in this sound. In this article, I will provide you with some tips so that you will know about factors which influence the guitar sound quality.
Guitar Body
The sound of a guitar is affected a lot by the instrument body. The guitar body consists of some smaller parts, including sound hold, upper bout, lower bout, finger plate, saddle, bridge, pin, edging and rib. These parts all have a strong impact on the sound.
More specific, the sound hole allows the sound go from the inside space to the outside. This hole is very important in absorbing the sound and spreading the sound. The guitar body must be made of high quality good so that the sound quality can be insured. You have to keep the guitar body dry all the time. In case the body of the guitar is wet, the sound will be changed.
The upper and lower bout is where we can tab in order to create new sound to make our songs more attractive. Of course, we will have to learn about tabbing properly.
For the groups of saddle, bridge and pin should not be adjusted. When we play, we had better not touch these parts on the grounds that these parts connect the guitar strings.
Principle Of Creating Guitar Sounds

When we play the guitar with our fingers, the vibration will be created. That vibration will move along the guitar strings and will come through the sound hole to the guitar body. This vibration is also the factor to create the sound. If we play strongly, the vibration will be strong, too. That is why the sound is loud.
The Impact Of Guitar Structure On The Sound
The designs and sizes of guitar body have a strong influence on the sound created. If the space inside the guitar body is large, the sound will be loud. By contrast, if the space is narrow, the sound is small.
The position of the guitar edging also affects the sound quality. For some guitars have a crescent line, the sound will be less attractive and the melodies will be less deep.
There are also some other factors that can affect the guitar sound. The quality of the wood making the guitar is also important.
Bottom Line
It is very clear that the quality of guitar sound is affected by a lot of factors and we need to understand the reasons why the sound is changed. I hope that the information I provide will help you a lot in preventing the bad impacts on the guitar sound.

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