The benefits of playing guitar

You like sound of guitar. You like the personality style of guitar. The guitar also gives manyincredible benefits. You will be amazed at special benefits of this instrument. The first benefit of guitar that we cannot fail to mention is to entertain because the guitar helps us relax and comfort after hours of stress work and study. Music shares with us the sadness and happiness. Therefore, many young people stick with a best acoustic guitar and regard it as a grateful friend.

The second special benefit is making you smarter. It has been scientifically proven that people who know how to play guitar will have higher IQ than others in IQ tests. Therefore, learning guitar since childhood will make children more nimble and more intelligent. So you should start learning guitar right now. Playing guitar is also a great opportunity for you to express yourself. Many people don’t think that is the benefit of guitar but actually expressing yourself through the guitar is very attractive young people. You might be shy in communicating and timid in the crowd but you will express your feelings and thoughts most naturally when you play the guitar. You can become stronger and more confident in front of everyone. The guitar also is a useful tool to connect you with the people around. 

Thanks to guitar we become closer.

The guitar also helps us reduce stress. Besides learning guitar will help you improve your health. Playing guitar may help you avoid depression. The depression is a disease easily seen in people who work regularly in a long time. Learning guitar can be a good solution to reduce stress. You can share emotion with music instead of sharing with other people. The guitar prevents not only depression but also psychological diseases such as heart disease and blood pressure. The pressure of life sometimes makes you exhausted. Music is the best way to overcome this problem. Use the guitar and play a favorite music, you will feel comfortable immediately. The research said that fast tempo tunes often make brain be stimulated and help the body more healthy.

Listening to music and playing musical instruments helps develop your memory. It even helps raise your IQ scores about 13%. It's never too late for you to learn guitar. Playing guitar also increase the sensitivity and flexibility of the fingers.

Although learning a musical instrument will may be a challenge for you, you should not give up early because of many great benefits. One of the important factors of a musician is discipline. You have to practice every day, even if you do not want to do in order to become successful in playing that instrument. You also have to focus on practicing guitar that will give you good habits in other jobs.

To play guitar well, you have to count the notes and rhythms that can help you learn math better. Many studies showed that students playing guitar have higher score in mathematic than others.

Before going to sleep you play a gentle music, you will feel comfortable and easier to sleep. Therefore, the guitar helps you have a deep sleep. 

What Affects The Quality Of Guitar Sound?

You know that when we play guitar, we can feel different sounds. When we become professional, we can realize the difference between standard sounds and the low quality sound. We will also know what have strong impacts on the guitar sound quality.
By figuring out what affects the sound of the guitar, we will know how to adjust the sound and how to avoid negative changes in this sound. In this article, I will provide you with some tips so that you will know about factors which influence the guitar sound quality.
Guitar Body
The sound of a guitar is affected a lot by the instrument body. The guitar body consists of some smaller parts, including sound hold, upper bout, lower bout, finger plate, saddle, bridge, pin, edging and rib. These parts all have a strong impact on the sound.
More specific, the sound hole allows the sound go from the inside space to the outside. This hole is very important in absorbing the sound and spreading the sound. The guitar body must be made of high quality good so that the sound quality can be insured. You have to keep the guitar body dry all the time. In case the body of the guitar is wet, the sound will be changed.
The upper and lower bout is where we can tab in order to create new sound to make our songs more attractive. Of course, we will have to learn about tabbing properly.
For the groups of saddle, bridge and pin should not be adjusted. When we play, we had better not touch these parts on the grounds that these parts connect the guitar strings.
Principle Of Creating Guitar Sounds

When we play the guitar with our fingers, the vibration will be created. That vibration will move along the guitar strings and will come through the sound hole to the guitar body. This vibration is also the factor to create the sound. If we play strongly, the vibration will be strong, too. That is why the sound is loud.
The Impact Of Guitar Structure On The Sound
The designs and sizes of guitar body have a strong influence on the sound created. If the space inside the guitar body is large, the sound will be loud. By contrast, if the space is narrow, the sound is small.
The position of the guitar edging also affects the sound quality. For some guitars have a crescent line, the sound will be less attractive and the melodies will be less deep.
There are also some other factors that can affect the guitar sound. The quality of the wood making the guitar is also important.
Bottom Line
It is very clear that the quality of guitar sound is affected by a lot of factors and we need to understand the reasons why the sound is changed. I hope that the information I provide will help you a lot in preventing the bad impacts on the guitar sound.

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